We provide a complete solution for all your needs in metal working lubrication including cutting, milling, grinding, forging, die-casting, fin-stamping, deep drawing, hydraulic fluid, rolling, wire-drawing, auxiliary process heat-treatment, quenching, cleaning or rust prevention. Below are our prestigious partners and services.

  • Petrofer : a leading manufacturer of metal working lubricant from Germany. With products such as forging lubricant, cutting oil & coolant, fire resistant hydraulic fluid, die-casting lubricant, wire-drawing lubricant, rust preventive product or stamping oil, Petrofer plays a vital role in many industrial sectors like automotive and construction.
  • Traxit : a producer of widely accepted dry powders for steel wire drawing from Germany, providing variety of quality products (calcium or sodium based powder and coating) to customers around the world.
  • Fort Wayne Wire Die : a maker of the most reliable diamond dies from USA for all your drawing application.


      Founded in 1990, Focus Mechanic has since played a vital role catering to all the needs in the metal forming business. With a factory in Siracha province (less than 2 hours from Bangkok) and a warehouse in Bangkok, we can reach most of our customers within a short period of time.

With more than 20 years of experience, combined with German technology, we are certain we are not only able to satisfy customer’s needs, we can also solve the problems that may arise efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, we also provide laboratory service for customers, which enabled us to ensure the quality of the products with equipment such as IVF QUENCHOMETER. Apart from laboratory service, we also offer service at your factory.

In terms of industrial standard, apart from ISO 9100 which we have received for many years, this year marked another milestone for us as are now also accredited with ISO 14001.


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