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Comparison BEST-1

Comparison Between HC FENG BEST-1 vs. the Other Brand

Comparison Between HC FENG BEST-1 vs. the Other Brand

Separation completeness
Most of the coolant oil separators, similar to this brand, seems to have only

One separation technique – partitions, to firstly go through a filter then to roughly

remove the tramp oil.

To achieve a complete separation result, BEST-1 system combines three techniques which are:

1. the multi-partition design in the inner fluid tank

2. Rest-time control automatically managed by the control panel

3. Oil skimmer built together with the removal device on top

to make the separations over and over again, lowering the percentage of the water content of the waste oil to the least.

Though the tramp oil is treated, the smell from the coolant still exists and the coolant will soon decay again due to the growth of bacteria. As the picture attached above, we include a control panel and an Ozone Device to overcome this problem that operates:
Ozone Disinfection Eliminates bacteria and minimizes its growth, also yeasts and molds. Foul odor will be purified, thereby extending the lifetime of coolants to reduce replacement and recycling costs.
Control Panel 24/7 automatically monitors and manages the skimming process, rest-time, the Ozone generator and the pH device(optional).
Separation Results
It shows that the waste-oil being discharged from the separator of this brand still contains a high percentage of water content. As explained previously, it is difficult to have an optimal separation result with simple techniques. The waste oil being recycled would be of high moisture, affecting the concentration and may not be able to save much cost. Some separators tend to have filters like this brand has. Considering the consumables and cleaning frequency, the filter of the BEST-1 unit is without this feature to aim for zero consumables.


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