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Diamond dies

Because of its experience and products’ quality, FWWD is regarded by many leading copper and aluminum dies producers to be among the best diamond dies makers in the world today. FWWD also works with customers in designing the best dies schedule of each customer individually. 

                We pay attention in the selection of the diamonds materials for both Natural diamond (NC) or Synthetic diamond (PCD). Inserting the diamonds into the cases is done with high degree of craftsmanship to insure the dies can withstand pressure and perform up to our standard.

                Realizing the wire elongation is the most important parameter in multi-wire drawing, FWWD offers Match Elongation Set. A complete set of dies that will help reduce wire breakage typically found in multi-wire machine. Dies in a Match Elongation Set is calculated in FWWD by measuring the length of the wire after we manually pull the wire through each die in the sequence for the most suitable dies in for the customers’ machines.       

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