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Chemicals For The Paper Industry

PETROFER offers a wide range of highly developed and specialized chemicals for the paper industry. In the tissue industry we are particularly recognized in the sector of crepe control.Using PETROFER coating chemicals, which are applied to the Yankee cylinder using a spraying system designed by ourselves, allows an increase in the runnability of the machine and enables the production of a high quality, soft tissue.



Process Chemicals For The Crepe Control At The Yankee PETROFER offers a combined system of products and technical equipment allowing precise process control during the tissue production. Control of coating

The PETROFER system is comprised of:

Cotac H                       Base coating chemical

Cotac P                        Modifier

Cotac C                       Modifier

Release Agent             Release Agent

Cotac P EDGE            Edge treatment agent



Anti-adhesive agents applied in combination with coating agents to control the adhesion properties and to adjust the coating to different process parameters e.g. different furnish

             Advantages:    Control of coating

                                    Control of adhesion

                                    Control of stretch

                                    Improved lubrication of creping blade


Agent for separate spray application on the Yankee edges which are not covered with paper. The product cleans dirty Yankee edges and forms a liquid, protective film.

             Advantages:    Prevention of abrasion and corrosion

                                    Increased service life of blades

                                    Reduced blade vibrations

                                    Constant paper quality

                                    Reduced number of breaks of the paper web


In combination with our coating chemicals we offer a spray system developed by us. The combination with our spray system guarantees to fully benefit from the advantages of our coating chemicals.

Modifications of the spray system are also possible upon customer demand.

Advantages : Homogeneous application

                     Easy to handle

                     Safe handling


                     Cost effective


Softener for the tissue industry

for the application in converting

for the application in the paper mass

for the spray application onto the felt

for the spray application onto the Yankee


Tail tie glue for toilet paper


Bactericides, fungicides, algicides and biodispersants for the application as

            slimicide in water circuits

            pot conservation of raw materials, starch, fillers and additives

            protective agents for cooling waters

            microbiological equipment of coating slurries

            pulp conservation agent

The continuous dosage is done via the PETROFER dosage station which we developed allowing an adjustment of dosage quantities, time intervals and duration.

The product program also includes a comprehensive and continuously carried out service.


Cleaning agent for paper mills

            continuous and discontinuous wire and felt cleaners

            surface cleaners                                              

            system cleaners

            lime and incrustation inhibitors


Defoamer and deaerator applied in the following areas:

            tissue production

            paper production

            cellulose production

The product range comprises synthetic, hydrophobic and lotion defoamer.


Anti-wear cutting agent for tissue convection machines


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