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Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Fire-resistant Hydraulic-fluids

       In all hydraulic equipment operating in an environment of open flames, high temperatures or molten metal, an increased fire hazard exists. In the case of a leaking hose, pipe or damaged seal, the hydraulic fluid, being under high pressure, spreads in the form of a fine spray jet. In the event that this jet is sprayed onto an ignition source, a fire will inevitably occur if mineral oil is used in the hydraulic system. However, this fire hazard can be avoided by applying a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. Today, such safety fluids are applied in most hydraulic equipment where a fire hazard exists. PETROFER, a leader in this field, has been producing various types of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for more than 35 years. The PETROFER product range includes the following types of fluid:

Water-glycol fluids (HFC)
e.g.ULTRA-SAFE 620

       This product range covers fluids based on water-glycol solutions. ULTRA-SAFE fluids in this range have proven their quality for more than 30 years, and represent the widest field of application. They are used in diecasting shop as well as in steelwork applications such as : coke furnaces, electric arc furnances, continuous casting machines,tilting furnaces, moulding machines, etc. ULTRA-SAFE is approved by all major manufacturers of equipment, and is often used for running-in new machines. Due to its excellent anti-wear properties, the application of ULTRA-SAFE ensures an exceptionally long life for hydraulic pumps. Water-glycol fluids (HFC) of the ULTRA-SAFE family are also applied in the mining industry and in hydraulic equipment operation in areas where water pollution hazard exists in the event of hydraulic leakage. ULTRA-SAFE 620 also has the benefit of good environmental acceptability.

Group HFDU respectively HEES

       Non-aqueous biodegradable fluids based on polyolesters. Due to their high flashpoints, ENVOLUBRIC fluids ensure a higher protection against fire hazards than mineral oils. Being environmentally acceptable, they are also used in mobile or fixed hydraulic equipment which requires the application of a water-free fluid while-due to its place of operation-mineral oil would pollute the environment in case of hydraulic leakage.


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