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Die-Casting Release Agents

Fire-resistant hydraulic fulid - ULTRA-SAFE® 620
Proven for more than 30 years, it gives excellent pump life due to its outstanding anti-wear properties.

Die-face lubricants - DIE-LUBRIC®
For clean castings, low porosity and excellent release:no formation of residues in the die.
Water-miscible for aluminium and zinc;dilutions up to 200 : 1; neat lubricants for zinc. Hot spot lubricants.
Plunger lubricants - PISTON - LUBRICANT
Graphited and non-graphited oils and pastes with excellent anti-wear properties.PISTON-POWDER  Highly effective dry plunger lubricants; low consumption, high lubricity reduced porosity, cleaner castings, no watse.
Heat-transfer fluids - TRANSTHERM®

A range of synthetic and mineral-oil based products, designed for all applications.

Surface protection for castings - ISOTECT® 136 E
Maintains stain – free , bright surface Finnish on Aland Zn castings.
Maintenance products

-  lubrication of knuckle joints, tie bars - WAYLUBRIC®
-  Cleaners for machines and dies - FEROCLEAN
-  Corrsion Protetion - ISOTECT 377

Heat treatment of Al-alloys - AQUATENSID
Water miscible quenchants to reduce thermal stresses and distortion.

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